Tone Variations Of Ceramic Tiles

Tile Shade Variation

Shade variation in porcelain & ceramic tiles

V1 Shade Variation of Ceramic Tiles


Uniform appearance: All the pieces from the same production run are similar.

Tiles of a V1 classification are manufactured to be visually consistent from tile to tile within the same batch.

V2 Shade Variation of Ceramic Tiles


Slight variation: Clearly distinguishable differences in texture and/ or pattern with similar colours.

Tiles of a V2 classification will utilise subtle variations of colour or pattern on the surface, to replicate the harmonious details found in natural grains that are typical of wood or the veining of marble.

V3 Shade Variation of Ceramic Tiles


Moderate variation: While the colours present on a single piece of tile will be indicative of the colours to be expected on other tiles, the amount of colour on each piece will vary significantly.

Tiles of a V3 classification aim to imitate the blends and richness of nature, such as the effects of weathering created by time and movement, creating balanced results that are aesthetically pleasing.

V4 Shade Variation of Ceramic Tiles


Substantial variation: Random colour differences from tile to tile, so that one tile may have totally different colours from that on other tiles.

Tiles of a V4 classification aim to replicate the luxurious combinations of wood, stone or marble that have noticeable variations in their colour, pattern and textures. Distinct features have similar characteristics to those present in raw materials.