Porcelanosa Shine Wall Tiles

The Shine range by Porcelanosa consists of 5 distinct colours, transitioning from light to dark. Finished to a beautiful high gloss, the Shine range incorporates a subtle metallic oxide pattern promoting calmness and relaxation. The soft and warming tones add depth, whilst the mirror-like finishes increases the perception of space.

Available in three size formats, with the largest having a rectified edge. The Shine range is usually paired with the Ferroker range, which has matching patterned floor tiles. The Ruggine range features the same pattern but incorporates a matt finish.

Porcelanosa Shine Wall Tiles 33.3 x 100 cm

Porcelanosa Shine Wall Tiles 33.3 x 59.2 cm

Porcelanosa Shine Wall Tiles 25 x 44.3 cm

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